TylerAb: ‘Coming Out As Gay In High School’

I am just curious to ask those who came out in high school and how their school population took it.

I came out to come of my friends in complete secrecy and someone couldn’t keep their mouth shut and told someone who told someone, you know that whole thing. Before I knew it, the whole school knew and I had fewer friends than before. Has this happened to anyone? How did you cope with it? I am going to college this year but even now that its summer, I still know the judgement passing is happening.


There’s an old phrase tyler, “Better out than in”.

And when it comes to things like this I’d reckon at your age it’s much, much better to be Out than a member of some in-crowd who don’t really know you and are therefore not a “true friend”. I’m now pushing 50 and have literally hundreds of acquaintances yet only 3 people I consider a trusted friend, though there are a few others between friend and acquaintance I consider “friendly”. None of these people are family.

Be proud, and be you. People will then decide properly whether to love you, hate you, ignore you or in-between.

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