Tobeey: ‘Just came out a couple days ago…’ Gay Coming Out Story

I sent an email to my mum to tell her I’m bi. I do see her regularly but I just couldn’t do it face to face. She had asked me in the past if I was gay, I had said no (because bi is completely different from gay imo, even though they are compatible). I’d been fighting my sexuality for 17 years, ever since age 11, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve only just really realised how much energy it takes – I’ve been in situations where I’ve turned down really great looking guys because I just couldn’t accept myself. I wasn’t sure how she would take it, but it was a good response. I’m just so relieved I finally did it! I suppose the only thing left to do is tell friends now. I’ve already put myself on 3 hookup sites so I’m well on my way!

Congratulations, Tobeey! You must be feeling very relieved. While all of us have different experiences, very often our family and friends have some inkling even before we tell them–your mum obviously did. And you’re fortunate to be in London, where people are, in general, rather accepting.

It’s possible that some of your acquaintances might be turned off by the news, but your good friends will remain your good friends. In fact, they’ll become even better friends because you won’t need to hide anything from them. And, they’ll be honoured that you took them into your confidence.

Welcome to a new, happier, and freer life!