SjoerdDude: ‘It Is A Pride Thing For A Gay’

I have finally come to accept myself as being gay and the more time passes the more ready I am to tell others. I have even slipped up a couple of times with a joke or a confession or something like that. I am ready to tell people it’s just that…well, I have spend the better part of my teens convincing everybody I wasn’t gay. People always called me that and assumed I was and I was so sure I wasn’t so I spend a lot of time convincing them (and myself) that I was straight. Now I have finall come to a point where everybody assumes and doesn’t doubt that I am straight and it turns out I am not. How do I go and tell people that I am, like they thought many years ago, gay?
It’s such a pride thing for me to accept tha tthey were right and to have them confess and go “oooh, we were right” or “we already knew that”. It’s so painful and emberassing. How do I get past that? Or better yet avoid the matter?


Beat them to it:

“Hey, guess what, you were right!! I was so busy trying to show myself and the world – though mostly myself – that I was straight! But you were perceptive enough to see the true me I was fighting against. Your sharp senses picked it up in spite of my working so hard to deny it: I actually am gay, after all! Thanks so much for your insight and patience while it worked my head around it. You are an awesome friend!”

Why do you need to feel bad about it? What would be the purpose? Why would coming out be a LOSS of pride and not an INCREASE in pride?

Flip it around. Make it a positive. The main reason it would have to be negative is because you insist it be. So, don’t.

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