MinkeyGay: ‘Should I just come out?’

Ok here is my story,

I’m wondering if I should come out to my parents, specifically to my mom. I’m already out a bit, I came out to my best friend last January and everything was fine. I think my parents already know that I’m gay. Because when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school they caught me looking at gay porn etc. Also, occasionally when my mom is talking to me about my future relationships she has said that she doesn’t care who I’m with. So I think she already knows. But here is my dilemma, about a year and a half ago my mom tried to commit suicide because she found out my dad( her husband of 20+ years) was cheating on her. They are still together but they are still on the rocks, it’s gotten worse recently. He lives in a different apartment, but they still do things together occasionally. I’m afraid that if I come out to her now that she might have to finally accept it as fact that I’m gay and that might push her back into a depression.

What do you think, should I just get it over with, she probably already has an idea(maybe she thought it was just a phase?). Or should I just wait until things become more stable between her and my dad?


It sounds like you have a great opportunity for becoming closer with your mother, who could really use some of that emotional support right now. Parents feel pain when they feel like they’re not providing their children the support they need, so coming out, quietly and in a bonding moment, could be a really positive experience for you both.

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