MarcusBR: ‘Came Out As Gay At Work And….’

Been coming out to all my friends since the beginning of this year and everything’s been going gr8. All of them have accepted it despite initial disbelief and unexpected-ness.

Joined a call-centre for a BPO job 2 weeks ago, going through training for the job-related work now. On friday, we played Hot Seat as part of training activity, and when it was my turn, questions were asked regarding my relationships. I took this opportunity to come out to the batch ( and the trainer ) although it wasn’t like I wanted to tell it outright. I played it safe/neutral until I had no choice but to either admit it or tell a lie, which I would never do.

Now, the coming out itself was relieving. It doesn’t bother me the least now that it’s over with and it being my choice rather than compulsion ( due to incriminating evidence ). Friends from the same batch whom I had already come out to, were proud of me to come out to the batch. But, they were also apprehensive about whom I come out to. They said that I should be careful when coming out to people on a professional level, be in control and be more selective.

What are your thoughts / opinions / feelings about it ? Have you had personal experiences similar to this ? Can you add more or elaborate on the same? preferably, give examples wherever possible.

p.s: I don’t come across as an obvious gay person. And only admit it, when I have no choice. It’s not as if I state my sexuality as a disclaimer whenever I introduce myself.


I have no issue with anyone knowing about my sexuality. No one would ever guess I’m gay either.

In any event, I don’t go around yelling it out, but just will answer any questions truthfully, just as I would if I was straight instead. I am lucky though, as in Australia there is not a lot of homophobia. I think it’s important that people see that there are gay people all around and that if we don’t make a big deal out of the fact, then neither will they. It’s nothing special, just a different viewpoint from the heterosexual one…
It is important to remember that these are work colleagues, so don’t go into to much detail. Same goes for straight guys, but it seems easier for gay guys to give too much information sometimes.

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