GRoch: ‘The only person you really need to come out to is yourself’

That’s where it starts. Once you admit you could possibly be interested in being intimate with another guy, just relax. Let the thought sink it. You’ve admitted it. Okay so what. Has anything changed? Do I suddenly look different or walk different? Can guys with gaydar suddenly tell? Can ANYONE tell?

Just relax. Admitting you might be more than just curious is about as serious as you being left handed or black eyed or having (beautiful) red hair. Having a physical attraction to someone of your own gender is about as serious as finding out you have a major pleasure center planted there by mother nature approximately 3 or 4 inches inside your rectum.

EVERY MALE ON THIS PLANET is capable of enjoying sexual play with any other animal on the planet, human or not. Ditto for the females. Is that a mistake of mother nature or is it our training and indoctrination that leads us to think this kind of behavior is anything but natural? The fact that many of us also develop bonds with one particular mate and stay with them for life is also something that shouldn’t scare you. In time and with thought, you may find this a blessing that will lead your heart down that path as well.

A friend (and colleague) at work came to me the other day all bothered about his ‘sudden attraction’ to one of the guys that he works with. My friend is married with two kids and he’s telling me he wants to get this guy into bed and he doesn’t know what to do and this is a thought that came out of nowhere for my friend. The answer was quite simple: either give himself permission or don’t, but base that decision more on his marriage than his new ‘feelings’ .

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience or deny yourself. If you deny yourself, then walk away from the experience knowing that EVERY male on the planet is capable of your feelings. All that stops them from being the animals that we are is our indoctrination and upbringing.

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